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Monitoring Your Cox Homelife System with the Mobile App


The Cox Homelife app notifies you when the system has detected there may be an issue, such as a battery replacement.

Note: The Troubles tile does not display if no issue is detected.

Access the Troubles Tile

Use the following to view detected issues displaying under the Troubles tile.


Access the Cox Homelife app.


From the Overview screen, the Troubles tile displays when the an issue has been detected with in the Homelife system.

Image of Troubles Tile

Tap Troubles to view the message, including date and time of the issue.
Important: For assistance in resolving the issue, from the Overview screen, tap Help.

HD Cameras

If you have HD cameras, you can view and save video or images when accessing your security system on your mobile device. Follow the steps below to view and save video and images on the Cox Homelife Mobile App.
Note: Viewing videos can consume large amounts of bandwidth. To conserve bandwidth, we recommend that you view images rather than video when using mobile data.


Sign in to the Cox Homelife mobile app.


From the Overview screen, swipe through the camera carousel to view different camera feeds.

Image of Overview Screen Camera Carousel


Tap any feed to view captured pictures or video clips.


Capture video clips and pictures by tapping Record Video or Take Picture, or by setting up Rules that automatically record videos or pictures when events occur.

Image of Record Video and Take Picture buttons


Captured pictures or video clips display below the camera feed.

Image of Captured Video Clips


Save pictures or video clips by swiping left on the three dots.

Image of Save Icon to save pictures and videos


You can also set up Rules to automatically record video or take a picture when events occur. See Managing Rules in the Mobile App.

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