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Managing Your Thermostats With Your Cox Homelife Mobile App



Open and sign in to the Cox Homelife Mobile App.


Tap the Thermostats tile to view your current thermostats.

View Your Current Thermostats


For each smart thermostat installed, you can choose to modify the temperature using the quick adjust feature, or select the thermostat for more control.

Modifying the Temperature with Homelife Thermostat


Click the square adjustment icon to display Quick Adjust Feature and use the up and down arrows to adjust the temperature.

Adjust the Temperature with Quick Adjust Feature


From the detailed screen for the specific thermostat that is chosen, you see the current temperature, the set point temperature, the mode for the thermostat, and schedule option.

The number of thermostats vary based upon the thermostats each customer chooses to install with their Homelife system.

Adjust Temperature in Homelife Thermostat

On this screen, tap the applicable option to perform any of the functions listed in the table below.

Button Function
Up Arrow or Down Arrow The up arrow button allows you to adjust the target temperature up, while the down arrow button allows you to adjust the target temperature down.
Off, Blue Cool (Snowflake), or Orange Heat (Sunshine)

Toggles between modes Cool / Heat / Off

Note: The system continues to run unless both Cool / Heat and the fan are in the Off position.

Toggles between Auto / On


Note: Turning the fan to Auto mode sets the system to activate the fan only when it is necessary to maintain the target temperature setting.

Toggles between On / Off
Hold Temp Note: The Hold Temp option allows you to maintain the Cool / Heat / Off mode and temperature selected, overriding any settings selected directly on the thermostat in your home.
Schedule You may view, modify, enable, or disable any thermostat schedules you have created.

View, modify, enable, or disable any thermostat schedules you have created.

Modifying Thermostat Schedules

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