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Managing Your Thermostat Schedule


Follow the steps below to create an automated schedule for your thermostat with your mobile device.


Sign in to your Cox Homelife mobile app.


From the Overview screen, tap the Thermostat tile that you would like to create the schedule for.

Image of select thermostat


From the Thermostat screen, tap Schedule to create a new schedule or adjust an existing schedule for the selected thermostat.

Image of thermostat schedule


From the Thermostat Schedule screen, tap the day of the week to create a schedule.

Image of thermostat add schedule


On the daily schedule screen, tap on the green + icon next to Add Set Points.

Image of thermostat add set points


Tap the down arrow to adjust the displayed time or temperature.

Image of thermostat adjust arrows

  1. From the time pop-up screen, scroll to adjust the time. Tap SET.

    Image of thermostat adjust time

  2. From the temperature pop-up screen, scroll to adjust the temperature setting from the list displayed. Tap Done.

    image of thermostat adjust temp

When changes are completed, tap Save to keep your new setting, or Cancel to delete it.

Image of thermostat confirm schedule


From the Thermostat Schedule screen, slide the Use Schedule toggle to the right to enable your schedule.

Image of schedule toggle

Note: The toggle turns blue when enabled.

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