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Managing Video Settings for a Basic Box or DTA


Use the following steps to change the basic box or DTA volume control setting.


Using the Cox remote, access the menu by pressing the blue Cox (MENU) button.


Using the arrows, highlight Settings, then press SELECT.

Result: The Settings menu displays.


Highlight Audio & Video, then press SELECT or right arrow.


In the center column, highlight Video Output Format, then press SELECT.

Result: Video Output Format displays.


Based on your TV's supported format, highlight one of the options below, then press SELECT.

  • 480i standard
  • 480p wide
  • 720p wide
  • 1080i wide

When the confirmation message is displayed, choose one of the following actions.

  • If you are ok with the output format change, then press SELECT to confirm your choice.
  • If you are not ok with the output format change, then press EXIT to cancel.

Note: The selection automatically cancels after five minutes without a confirmation.


To exit the settings and return to the selected channel, press the EXIT button.

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