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Managing Rules for Cox Homelife Automation Service

Rules tell the Cox Homelife system how to react to events. For example, creating a rule that tells the system to send a text (SMS) message if the front door doesn't open when the kids are due home from school. Rules are a flexible method for generating a variety of system actions (such as sending a text message or turning on a light) whenever something else happens in a given circumstance.

There are default rules created based upon the devices you have added to your Automation system. The following shows example rules created by default when door / window sensors and cameras are part of your system:

Mobile App - Rules Examples

Rules Examples

The table below provides some examples of rules.

Send EmailSend an email notification to the email addresses listed in your Rules Contacts with a timestamp and description of the rule triggered.
Send Text MessageSend an SMS notification to the phone numbers listed in your Rules Contacts with a timestamp and description of the Rule triggered.
Take PictureThe selected camera takes five pictures in quick succession, and are saved under Activity. These pictures can also be emailed to Rules Contacts.
Take Video ClipThe selected camera takes a 15 second video clip, and is saved under Activity. The video clip can also be emailed to Rules Contacts.
Turn Light On/OffTurn the selected lights on or off.
Turn Thermostat to Cool/Heat/OffHave the thermostat set to Cool, Heat or to turn off based on an event or time.
Lock/Unlock Door LockLock or unlock the selected door lock.

Note: Default rules and those rules that are able to be created vary based upon the devices that are purchased and paired to the system. For example, if you do not have a thermostat as part of your system you are not be able to set up rules that include a thermostat triggering or being triggered by an action.

Which device are you using to create and manage rules?

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