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Managing Parental Control Locks with Contour 2

To manage Parental Controls, you must go through the Quick Setup option, which allows you to easily set up primary parental controls settings such as TV / Movie ratings, safe browse, application locks, and a purchase PIN.

  • The PIN is receiver specific and does not carry over to other receivers. Always set up a PIN for each receiver as needed.
  • TV and Movie ratings locks are grouped by age range such as Little Kids, Older Kids, and Teens.
  • Low Safety is a combination of Safe Search and the Safe Browse settings.
  • The following TV / Movie Ratings and Safe Browse settings are included in the following age ranges and all require a PIN to access content.

    Demographic Browsing Safety TV Rating Movie Rating
    Little Kids
    2-6 years
    High TVY7, TVPG, TV14, TVMA   PG, PG-13, R, NC-17, Adult
    Older Kids
    7-12 years
    Medium TVPG, TV14, TVMA PG-13, R, NC-17, R, Adult 
    13-17 years
    Medium TVMA R, NC-17, Adult 
  • You can access the Quick Setup flow by entering the Parental Controls menu.
    • If you do not have any parental controls enabled, you are automatically prompted to begin set up of parental controls.
    • If you enable these settings, you can return to this flow any time by selecting Parental Controls Level within parental controls.

      image of parental control view

  • The Quick Setup only includes the following primary parental controls settings:
    • TV / Movie Ratings
    • Safe Browse
    • Application Locks
    • Parental Control PIN
    • Purchase PIN
  • Customers who wish to enable other parental controls settings such as title locks or day and time locks can find those settings inside the Parental Controls settings menu.
  • Users who do not have parental controls enabled will not see a change.
  • User's settings are labeled as Custom if their settings do not match any of the parental controls levels.
    Important: The default parental control PIN is 0000.
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