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Managing Firewall Settings in Windows



Cox does not support all versions of the Windows operating system. The following is for reference only. For more help using Windows, visit Microsoft Support.

See steps below for managing firewall settings in Windows.

Click Start, then choose Control Panel from the list.

If the All Programs list displays and gets in the way, move your cursor off the area, then try again. It is best to go straight up from the Start button then over to Control Panel to avoid this.


For Windows 7:

In the search box, enter firewall, then click Windows Firewall. Click Turn on Windows Firewall.

For Windows Vista and XP:

Find the Windows Firewall icon and click it. Under the General tab, click On (Recommended) or Off.

Do not turn off the firewall unless you have a firewall installed from another program. Turning off the firewall could make your computer or network more vulnerable to computer viruses and information thieves.


Click OK.

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