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Managing Contacts in the Cox Homelife Mobile App


The mobile app makes it easy to update your Homelife contacts. The three different types of Homelife contacts are outlined below.

  • Emergency Verification Contacts - Notified when an alarm is triggered before dispatching emergency personnel. Two are required.
  • Emergency Dispatch Contacts - Notified when an emergency is verified, and authorities are on their way.
  • Automation Contacts - Notified when certain Rules are triggered.

Follow these steps to edit or add to your Homelife contacts.

Note: All contacts can be edited, but contacts listed as Emergency Verification Contacts cannot be deleted.


Sign in to the Cox Homelife Mobile App.


From the Overview screen, tap the More tab and select Contacts.

Image of More Menu Contacts selection


From the Contacts screen, tap the + icon to add a new contact.

Image of Contacts screen, plus icon


On the Add Contact screen, enter the name, phone number, and email address of your new contact. Tap Save to save your new contact.


From the Contacts screen, tap a contact tile to edit an existing contact.

Image of Edit a Contact

  1. On the Edit Contact screen, update the contact information.
  2. Tap Save to save your changes.
  3. To remove the contact, tap Delete Contact.
  4. On the Confirm Delete pop-up window, tap CANCEL or DELETE.

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