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Managing Contacts in the Cox Homelife Mobile App


Follow the steps below to edit who gets contacted in an emergency or who gets rules-based alerts or notifications.


Sign in to the Cox Homelife Mobile App.


Tap the More menu, select Contacts.

Mobile App -More menu - contacts


On the Contacts screen three types of contacts are listed.

  • Call before police in emergency
  • Call after police in emergency
  • Rules Contacts

Mobile App - Contacts List


  • The contacts listed as Call after police in emergency will be called after the authorities have been dispatched to the home; these contacts can be edited and deleted.
  • Rules Contacts are the people you would like to notify via email or text when certain notification-based rules are executed.

To add a contact, tap the + icon.

Mobile App - Add Contacts


On the Add Contact screen complete each of the following fields.

  1. Enter the First Name and Last Name.
  2. Select the Phone Type from the drop down menu.
  3. Enter the Phone Number.
  4. Click Save.

Mobile App - Add Contact Screen


To edit or delete a contact, press the pencil icon next to the name to be edited.

Mobile App - Edit Contact


On the Edit Contact screen complete each of the following fields.

  1. Complete edits to the contact information.
  2. Tap SAVE.
  3. To delete the contact, tap DELETE.

Mobile App - Edit Contact screen

The two contacts listed as Call before police in emergency can be edited, but you cannot delete them; they are required.

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