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Managing Closed Captioning On or Off on an Advanced TV DVR


For some Advanced TV receivers, select the CC button on the Cox remote to access Closed Captioning. If the direct access method does not work, then complete the following steps to turn closed captioning on or off.


Press the MENU / SETTINGS button, then press the A button.


Use the arrow buttons to highlight the Language / Idioma preference, then press SELECT.


Highlight Closed Captioning, then press SELECT.


Highlight On / Off, then press SELECT.


Highlight On, then press SELECT.

Note: Highlight Off, then press SELECT to turn closed captioning off.


From the Options menu, complete one of the following actions.

  • Press EXIT to save the settings.
  • Use the arrow buttons to select Digital Service or Analog.
  • Select from Automatic, Primary, Secondary, DTV CC 3, DTV CC 4, DTV CC 5 and DTV CC 6 options.
  • Press SELECT to set up closed caption Text or Background options.

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