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Locate or Report a Lost or Stolen Cox Mobile Device


Use the following information to assist you if you have lost your device or believe it may have been stolen.

Tracking Your Device

Devices can only be tracked once they are activated. If you haven’t received your device and are looking for an order status, then refer to Checking Your Order History and Status Online.

Locating Your Device

Many active devices have tracking capabilities to locate your device, such as Find My Device for Android. If you have enabled the tracking capabilities on your device, then access your tracking app to attempt to locate your device.

Reporting Your Device Lost or Stolen

We recommend contacting us or visiting a Cox Store to report your device lost or stolen to prevent unauthorized charges and discuss the next steps.

If you are enrolled in the Cox Device Protection Plan, you may be eligible for a replacement device. To learn more, refer to Filing a Cox Mobile Device Protection Claim.

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