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Linksys WRT160N Router


Front View

image of the Front view of Linksys WRT160N Router

Click to enlarge.

Back View

image of the Back view of Linksys WRT160N Router

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The Linksys WRT160N includes the following connection ports.

  • Internet - Connects the router to the cable modem
  • Ethernet (1-4) - Connects to the Ethernet port on your computer(s)
  • Reset - Used to reset the router
  • Power - Connects the router to the power adapter


image of the Lights on Linksys WRT160N Router

The lights indicate the current status of your gateway. To troubleshoot any connection problems, use the table below.

Router LightStatusProblem
1, 2, 3, 4Solid BlueNone. The router is successfully connected to a device through that port.
Flashing BlueNone. There is network activity over that port.
OffNo Ethernet found. Verify Ethernet cable connections, the TCP/IP settings, and the NIC. NIC drivers may need to be reinstalled.
Wi-Fi Protected Setup ButtonSolid BlueNone. Wireless security is enabled.
Flashing BlueNone. Flashes for two minutes during the Wi-Fi Protected Setup.
Solid AmberAn error was detected during the Wi-Fi Protected Setup process. Make sure the client device supports Wi-Fi Protected Setup. Wait until the LED is off, then try again.
Flashing AmberA Wi-Fi Protected Setup session is active and a second session begins. The router supports one session at a time. Wait until the LED is off before starting the next Wi-Fi Protected Setup session.
WirelessSolid BlueNone. Wireless feature is enabled.
Flashing BlueNone. The router is actively sending or receiving data over the network.
OffNone. The wireless feature is not in use.
InternetSolid BlueNone. There is a connection made through the Internet port.
Flashing BlueNone. There is network activity over the Internet port.
OffNo devices are connected. Verify all cable connections and try resetting the modem.
PowerSolid BlueNone. The router is powered on.
Flashing BlueNot connected to the Internet. Turn off all network devices, including the modem, router, and computers. Then turn on each device in the following order.
  1. Cable Modem
  2. Router
  3. Computer
Check the cable connections. The computer should be connected to one of the ports numbered 1-4 on the router, and the modem must be connected to the Internet port on the router.
OffNo power. Verify power supply connections and electrical outlet. Also make sure the outlet is not connected to a switch.

Manufacturer Resources

For more detailed technical information on the Linksys WRT160N, refer to the Linksys Website.

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