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Learn About the Service Protection Plan


Cox Service Protection Plan is no longer available to new customers. Instead, see our new service Cox Complete Care.

The Cox Service Protection Plan

The Cox Service Protection Plan (CSPP) is a comprehensive wire repair, education, and isolation plan offered by Cox.

  • The plan may reduce or eliminate the cost of fixing or replacing certain home wiring from the demarcation point to your TVs, high-speed Internet modem, and telephones connected to Cox service. The demarcation point is the wall jack or outlet where the Cox service enters your home.
  • The plan also offers consultation with a Cox representative to help identify system components that may be contributing to a problem with a Cox service, regardless of whether the components were provided by Cox or not.

Included Services

The following wiring, education, and issue isolation services are included under CSPP.

  • Internal wiring
    • This includes maintenance of all coax cable and telephone internal wiring running from the outside of the home to the back of any TV, cable box receiver, modem, or telephone jack.
    • Drilling or threading new tunnels in the walls for running cable or wire is not included.
    • For apartment residents, internal wiring runs from the wall jack / outlet to the customer premise equipment. Cutting and replacing drywall is not included.
  • Repair and replacement of wire from the demarcation point to the telephone jack, Internet modem, or video receiver

    : Cox will not perform "wall fishing" or "wall punching" under the CSPP in performing wiring repairs.

  • Replacing fittings, splitters, amplifiers, and outlets installed or existing in accordance with accepted industry standards, regardless of installer or vendor
  • Basic customer education as it relates to Cox Service and Cox-provided equipment
  • Troubleshooting and isolating problems with Cox Service and Cox-provided equipment
  • Analysis of customer-owned equipment that may be impeding Cox Service
    Note: This is a best efforts service and Cox has no liability for this opinion including additional equipment or service that may be required.

  • Identification and verification that Cox-owned equipment and Cox Services are working properly

Excluded Services

The following are excluded from the coverage under CSPP.

  • Fees associated with installation, removal, or relocation of, or change to, Cox Services
  • Installation or relocation of jacks or outlets
  • New wall fishing or wall hole punches
  • Maintenance or repair of Category 5 cable unless installed by Cox
  • Computer configuration assistance
  • Wiring repair or replacement due to premises damage (for example, fire or flood) or remodeling of the premises
  • Repair or replacement of receiver, remote units, including battery replacement
  • Installation of home entertainment systems and related equipment
  • Wiring damage caused by vandalism, fire, flood, earthquake, Acts of God, or gross negligence or willful damage

Adding or Canceling CSPP

CSPP is an optional plan. It provides coverage for as long as you subscribe to it. You may cancel at any time.


  • Service fees are automatically applied if you sign up, receive a service call, then cancel within 90 days of the sign-up date. The total 90 day cost for CSPP is $20.97, while a one time service call fee is $75.00.
  • The 90-day-cancel service fees are waived if you are a military service member being transferred or deployed, or you are transferring your Cox service to another Cox location, then your CSPP will not incur service call charges.

For more information, see Cox Service Protection Plan Terms and Conditions.

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