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Internet Gateway SSID, Username, and Password Approved Characters


The following table provides a list of characters that can be used when creating an Internet Gateway SSID, username, or password for the following.

  • Primary and Guest WiFi Network
    • 2.4 GHz Band
    • 5 GHz Band
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI)

    Note: The GUI Password column notes if a character can be used when creating the GUI password.

Character Name GUI Password
& Ampersand Yes
* Asterisk Yes
@ At Sign Yes
^ Caret Yes
: Colon Yes
, Comma Yes
$ Dollar Sign Yes
! Exclamation Yes
` Grave Accent or Backtick Yes
- Minus Yes
# Number Sign or Hashtag Yes
% Percent Yes
+ Plus Yes
? Question Mark Yes
' Single Quote Yes
~ Tilde Yes
_ Underscore Yes
\ Backslash No
" Double Quote No
= Equal No
. Period No
> Greater Than No
{ Left Brace No
[ Left Bracket No
( Left Parenthesis No
< Less Than No
} Right Brace No
] Right Bracket No
) Right Parenthesis No
; Semi-Colon No
/ Slash No
| Vertical Bar No

When creating the SSID, username, or password, do not use a space between characters.

  • Accepted: Pa$$W0rd
  • Not accepted: Pa$$ W0rd

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