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Installing Telephone Modem Battery


For Arris TM3402 modems, see the manufacturer's Battery Guide (PDF). For all other types follow the steps below.


Unplug the power cord and remove the battery cover on the bottom of the modem.

Note: Your service is briefly interrupted.

Spanish: Quite el cable de corriente y la tapa de la bater?de la parte inferior de la unidad.

Phone modem with battery cover removed Phone modem with battery cover removed

Gently remove the old battery and replace with the new battery.

Spanish: Empuje hacia arriba la aleta debajo del s?olo de la bater?y quite la bater?usada desliz?ola con cuidado.

Phone modem with battery slot extended Phone modem with battery slot extended

Replace the battery cover and plug the power cord back in. Verify the battery power LED is blinking green.

Spanish: Coloque la nueva bater?con firmeza en la ranura, vuelva a colocar la tapa de la bater?y enchufe el cable de corriente en la unidad. Debe aparecer una luz verde en el frente del m? de tel?no digital.

Phone modem Phone modem

It may take several minutes for the modem to reset.

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