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Installing or Swapping a Physical SIM Card


The following are the reasons for installing a physical SIM (pSIM) card.

  • A new pSIM card is installed on a new device.
  • A new pSIM card is installed into an existing device.
  • An existing pSIM card is swapped into a new device.

Use the following steps to install a pSIM card into your Cox-approved device.


Power down your device before removing the pSIM card tray.


From the pSIM card tray, insert the pSIM tray ejector pin into the open hole on the card tray.


Pull out the pSIM card tray.

Note: The image displayed may not look exactly like the tray for the device you are using. Refer to Cox Mobile Devices for device-specific details.

image of sim card tray


Remove the pSIM from the punch card. Cox Mobile uses the Nano SIM card which is the smallest size.

image of sim card sizes


Determine if you are performing a pSIM replacement or swap.

  • A pSIM replacement is when you are installing a new pSIM card either into a new or existing device.
  • A pSIM swap is when you are moving an existing pSIM card from an existing device to a new device.

Note: When installing a pSIM card, always have the gold contacts down.

If you are doing a…Then…
pSIM replacement to a new deviceInstall the pSIM card.
pSIM replacement to an existing deviceRemove the existing card from the device and install the new pSIM card.
pSIM swap to a new deviceRemove the pSIM card from the previous device and install it into the new device.

Insert the pSIM tray back into the phone and power it on.


To activate your service, use the table below.

If it is a…Then…
pSIM replacementGo back to your activation portal to complete the process.
pSIM swapThe pSIM is already active. No additional action is required.

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