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Installing an xCam2 HD Homelife Camera


Complete the following steps to install an xCam2 HD Homelife camera.

Note: For more information, you can also watch the video for installing an xCam2.


  • The Panoramic Wifi service must be installed with Wifi active prior to installing the xCam2.
  • The Panoramic Wifi App must be installed on the customer's mobile devices prior to installing the xCam2.

Is the mobile device being used for activation connected to the WiFi home network?

  • If yes, then continue to the next step.
  • If no, then connect it to the WiFi home network and continue to the next step.

Log in to the Panoramic Wifi App.

Note: The primary or secondary unrestricted user credentials are needed to activate the xCam2.


Use one of the following items to connect the xCam2 to the Panoramic gateway.

  • Connected Ethernet wire
  • Power adapter with WiFi access point

From the Panoramic Wifi App, tap the Home icon on the bottom of the screen.

Image of the panoramic wifi app home tab


From the Home screen, tap Add Devices.

Image of Add Devices button


On the Add a Device screen, under the Cameras section, select Homelife Camera.


Does a Use Bluetooth pop-up display?

  • If no, then continue to the next step.
  • If yes, then complete the following steps.
    1. Tap OK.
    2. From the Bluetooth required screen tap Go to Settings.
    3. In Settings, under xFi, turn the Bluetooth toggle on, then continue to the next step.

On the Welcome to your new Cox Camera screen, select Get Started.

image of get started button


Complete the following steps to go through the setup flow on the app.

  1. On the Place your camera in the desired location screen, tap Next.
  2. On the Connect your camera screen, tap Next.
  3. On the Keep it clear screen, tap Next.
  4. On the Look for the continuously blinking light on your camera screen, check if the light is blinking. Is it blinking?
    • If yes, then tap The Light is Blinking and continue.
    • If no, then tap I Don't See the Light, check that the power outlet is working correctly, and refer to Activation Errors for xCam2.
  5. Hold the phone near the power adapter as the device connects and configures the camera.
  6. On the Your camera is now connected screen, tap Next.
  7. On the Give your camera a name screen, in the blank field, have the customer name the camera and tap Next.
  8. On the Turn on 24/7 Recording screen, have the customer select the desired option.
  9. On the Turn on camera sound screen, have the customer select the desired option.
  10. On the Setup complete screen, tap Finish.

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