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iCamera2 Features in the Homelife and Cox Panoramic Wifi Apps



Image of the iCamera2 Homelife Camera

Certain Cox Homelife iCamera2 capabilities are now supported within the Cox Panoramic Wifi App. These are in addition to all the existing capabilities already supported in the Homelife App.

  • The iCamera2 offers live video, Continuous Video Recording (CVR), and one-way audio.
  • The camera must be connected to the network via the Homelife mobile app or Homelife Touchscreen control panel.
  • Some features, such as rules and scenes, are only supported in the Homelife App
  • To view cameras through the Panoramic WiFi app, open the app and tap the Home button in the bottom right-hand corner.

The following table lists capabilities available in the Image of the panoramic wifi app icon Cox Panoramic Wifi app and the Image of the Homelife app icon Homelife app.

CapabilityAvailable on the Homelife App?Available on the Cox Panoramic Wifi App?
View your CVR recordings

Note: Requires subscription to CVR.
Turn CVR on and off

Note: Requires subscription to CVR.
Turn 1-Way Audio on and off for live video and CVR recordingsNoYes
Hear 1-Way Audio through your camera on live videoNoYes
Hear 1-Way Audio on CVR recordings

Note: Requires subscription to CVR.
Set up and view rules-based images and clips from the cameraYesNo
Manually capture image and record videos of live videoYesNo
Set up rules and scenes for your cameraYesNo
Turn camera motion notifications on and offYesYes

If you subscribe to a CVR package, you can pair and interact with supported Works with Cox Homelife devices in the Cox Panoramic Wifi App.

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