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Homelife Video Doorbell


The Homelife Video Doorbell (VDB) replaces a traditional wired doorbell and enables customers to monitor their entryway in the Cox Panoramic Wifi App.

Image of the Homelife Video Doorbell

Availability and Pricing

The Homelife Video Doorbell is sold in all channels where Cox Homelife is available today. The doorbell is $150.


The VDB provides you with the following features.

  • Receive notifications for vehicles, people, pets, and packages.
  • With the Panoramic Wifi app, you have access to the following features:
    • View live video in 1080p HD.
    • Speak and listen to visitors through the doorbell.
    • View the most recent 10-days of recordings.

      Note: A subscription to Continuous Video Recording (CVR) service is required to view recordings.

  • Get notified of front door activity and view the doorbell video on your TV.

    Note: Customers must have Contour or Contour Stream Player to view on their TV.


The following information details the minimum requirements to install a VDB.

  • Cox Homelife services
    • Homelife Starter customers will be able to view live videos and recordings.
    • Homelife Security or Automation tier customers will be able to view live video.

      Note: CVR is not required for Security or Automation customers but is recommended as it provides the ability to record clips.

  • Panoramic Wifi

    Note: A PW3, PW6, or PW7 Panoramic Wifi modem is required. 

  • Existing doorbell wiring with 16 -24 Volts AC.
    • Cox Technicians will not run wiring for the VDB. We recommend that an electrician install the appropriate wiring.
    • If the current voltage to the doorbell is not the recommended 16-24 VAC, a new transformer that supplies the 16-24 VAC needs to be installed. Cox Technicians will not install a transformer.

Additional Questions

View the following frequently asked questions about Homelife Video Doorbells. If you have additional questions, you can contact us.

Will the video doorbell operate with the existing doorbell chime?

Yes, it will function with the existing chime if it is a mechanical chime.

Does the video doorbell contain a battery?

Yes, but the battery works in conjunction with the electrical wiring of the video doorbell. The VDB cannot operate without power supplied by the doorbell wiring.

Is the video doorbell offered in different finishes?

No. It is only offered in black with a white metal trim piece.

Will the video doorbell work if the power is out?

No, the video doorbell requires power to function.

Will the video doorbell work if it is not connected to the internet?

No, this includes any activity that occurs in the range of the doorbell if either the internet is down or the video doorbell is not connected to Wi-Fi.

What is the maximum number of video doorbells that can be on an account?

Homelife customers can have up to six cameras on their account, each video doorbell counts as one camera.

How many cameras can have CVR enabled?

Customers today can enable CVR on up to 4 cameras. If CVR is enabled on the video doorbell, then 3 more cameras can have CVR.

Will the video doorbell work if the customer cancels Homelife or CVR?

Most features remain available except for CVR-specific features, such as motion recordings. The video doorbell will remain operable; however, if the doorbell is deleted from the Panoramic Wifi App, the customer cannot re-add the doorbell without having Homelife service.

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