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Homelife Security Touchscreen New User Interface


The Homelife Security Touchscreen has been redesigned to provide a more user-friendly experience that will pave the way for more features in the future.

Image of Default home screen

New Home Screen Features

The table below provides information about the features available on the new home screen. Click the links to learn more about the feature.

Option / ImageDetails

Image of Dashboard icon
The Dashboard allows you to see the current status of your system devices and manage your devices.

Image of Emergency icon
Emergency enables you to sound an immediate audible alarm and to send an emergency police alarm to the Central Monitoring Station.

Note: Certain models have a hardware emergency button.

Image of Notification icon
Notification displays a blue dot when there is a problem with your system. For example: system power, connection, communication, or sensors.

Image of Weathers icon
Weather provides current weather information and a five-day forecast.

Image of Settings icon
Settings opens additional options for the following features.
  • Display
  • Volume Control
  • Devices
  • Help and Support
  • Sleep Mode

Image of Activity icon
Activity provides a view of recent events.
Security Status

Image of Security Status
Security Status provides an overview of your security status of your system and allows you to arm and disarm your security system.

New Home Screen Options

In the Settings section of the touchscreen, you can change the display of the home screen to one of the displays listed in the table below.

Display TypeExample
DefaultImage of Default home screen
ClockImage of Clock home screen
WeatherImage of Weather home screen
Multiple CamerasImage of Multiple Cameras home screen


The Dashboard screen shows the system’s armed status and lists the devices installed.

Image of Dashboard screen

From this screen you, can perform the following actions.

  • Arm or disarm your system
  • View live video from cameras
  • Control smart home devices like lights, door locks, and thermostats
  • View detailed device information

Emergency Alarm

Emergency Alarm can be accessed by tapping the emergency icon on the Home screen.

Image of Emergency Screen

Note: Certain models have a hardware emergency button on the Touchscreen.

Image of Emergency button

When the alarm is triggered, the following actions happen.

  • An immediate audible alarm sound.
  • The Disarm keypad displays on the touchscreen. Enter the keypad code to cancel the alarm.

    Image of Emergency Disarm Keypad

    If you do not cancel the alarm, the Central Monitoring Station will call you to verify the emergency and send the police. You will need to dial 911 to call the fire department or an ambulance.

  • Once disarmed, the Summary Report screen shows the alarm details.


Tapping on the Notification icon from the Home screen will display the Trouble Alerts screen.

Image of Trouble Alert screen

  • Tap an alert to view more details.
  • Snooze the notification for four hours.
  • Notification will reappear if the issue persists.


The Current Details screen shows the current weather conditions and forecast for today for the location where your touchscreen is located.

Image of Weather screen

  • Swipe right to see a five-day forecast.
  • Swipe left to return to the Current Details screen.


The Settings menu provides options for display, volume control, security, devices, help & support, and sleep mode.

Image of Settings screen


The Activity screen shows recent events.

Image of Activity screen

This is the same on the Activity tab in the mobile app.

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