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FITE Menu Options


Use the steps below to access the options menu for the FITE app.

Note: Additional features, such as maintaining orders and subscriptions, purchase history, available credit, and much more are available on the website at www.fite.tv/.


In the upper right corner of your screen, locate and select the icon for Settings.

Image of settings selection for FITE


Choose an option from the displayed list. Refer to the table below for a description of each item.

Note: Prior to signing in, the My Interests and Sign Out options are not available and the Sign In option will display. For information on the sign in process, refer to Signing In to the FITE App.

Option Description
My Interests Displays topics to choose from to tailor FITE to your interests.
Sign Out Signs you out of the current profile for your Contour 2 receiver..
About Provides an overview description of FITE and it's many offerings.
Terms and Conditions See FITE's terms and conditions at www.fite.tv/p/terms-of-service/ or scan the code with a smartphone or tablet.
Privacy Policy See FITE's privacy policy at www.fite.tv/p/privacy-policy/ or scan the code with a smartphone or tablet.

Image of FITE settings

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