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Extending Your Payment Date in My Account


Use the following information to extend and commit to a future payment date.

  • A transaction is not completed on the scheduled date until you return to add a method of payment.
  • The payment must be made by 6:00 pm on the scheduled day to avoid a service interruption.

Access your My Account profile.


From the Billing Options window, click Request Help Here.

Important: If the Request Help option does not display, then contact us for additional assistance.


From the Payment Arrangement Options window, click Extend Payment Date.


On the Request Additional Time to Pay window, complete the following.

  1. Click in the Pay On field, and from the displayed calendar, select your payment date.
  2. Click Confirm Date.
    : The Review Details and Submit details display.

Review the Terms of Service and complete the following.

  1. Click to agree to the Terms of Service.
  2. Click to Submit.
    : The payment extension is now scheduled. Contact us before or on the date to make your payment.

Note: The Back button allows you to go back and edit your information.

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