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Enhanced Error Results Service


Enhanced Error Results is a free service for Cox Internet users that redirects URL entries in web browsers to relevant alternative results provided by Yahoo! Search Marketing.

Yahoo! Search Marketing supplies both sponsored and algorithmic links to websites of independent companies advertising through Yahoo! Search Marketing. Sponsored links are results which appear at the top of the list of links generated from an Internet search. Companies pay to be ranked high on the results list. The results served are a combination of sponsored links and natural search results, depending on what you were looking for - just the same as any search engine.

When no relevant keyword can be extracted to produce a list of alternative websites, a search box is presented so you can conduct a new search. If relevant results are identified, then an enhanced results page displays a suggested list of alternative websites. No spyware or adware is used to deliver the enhanced error results service; it is designed to replace errors at the ISP level and is not loaded directly onto your computer or device.

Opting Out

Enhanced Error Results may interfere with some types of VPN connections. For customers who are experiencing problems with their VPN service, Cox Internet users can opt out of the enhanced error results service at any time. Access My Account to opt out. By opting out, you will no longer receive these enhanced error results and cannot opt back in.

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