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Enhanced 911 and 911 Services


The following information provides you with an inside look into the benefits of 911 and Enhanced 911 (E911) service and how it sends information to your local emergency service personnel.

Enhanced 911 (E911)
E911 is the enhanced version of 911 services. E911 service automatically sends the location and the phone number to the emergency services personnel. This feature ensures that every Cox Digital Telephone line automatically provides the subscriber's address and telephone number to the nearest Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP). For more information regarding E911, customers can visit the FCC website at www.fcc.gov/911/enhanced/releases.html.

Basic 911
Basic 911 (B911) service does not guarantee the customer's location and call back number is provided to the local 911 emergency services personnel. Caney, Kansas is the only location within the Cox footprint still using B911.

Operating Tips for E911

  • If the telephone modem is moved to another address without notifying Cox, your services send the incorrect address to the 911 system.
  • Cox must be notified within two days in the event of an address change, this ensures the correct address is sent to E911 system.
  • In the event of a power outage, a battery backup provides up to eight hours of 911 standby service, or four hours of talk-time protection.
  • A battery is not included with a telephone modem, however a backup battery is available for purchase from Cox anytime after the installation of Cox Digital Telephone service.
    Exception to Battery Purchase: Lifeline customers are automatically shipped a battery at no charge after the Lifeline service is verified.

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