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Encrypting Your Keystrokes


Keystroke logging, also referred to as key logging, keylogging, or keyboard capturing, is the recording of keys struck on a keyboard. Key logging is often used to steal sensitive information, such as the login credentials of email, Facebook, and bank accounts. Key logging is done without the knowledge of the person using the keyboard.

Key loggers can infect a computer via a Trojan horse virus or other malicious software. Just as you should have anti-virus and anti-malware software protecting your computer, you should also consider anti-key logger software.

There are several products available online, some of which are free. You can search the internet to find one that fits your needs. The following examples help you get started.

Cox does not endorse or support these products. These are only references to products to help you proactively protect your personal account credentials from key loggers. Support for these products is handled by the respective software manufacturers.

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