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Enabling Homelife Customized Alert Area


The Cox Homelife Customized Alert Area feature lets you focus on the areas of your home that you want to keep secure. Using the Cox Panoramic Wifi app camera settings, you can narrow your Cox Homelife camera’s views to reduce unwanted motion event notifications and recordings.

  • Users only get notified for motions detected within Customized Alert Area.
  • Only events within Customized Alert Area show up in the CVR event list.


  • Customized Alert Area is only available in the Panoramic Wifi App.
  • It does not work with the Homelife iCam2 or the Homelife App.

Log in to the Panoramic Wifi app.


Tap the Home tab.

Image of the panoramic wifi app home tab


Select the camera.


Tap the gear icon on the upper right-hand corner.


In the Preferences section, tap Camera Area.

Image of the Panoramic Wifi app Camera settings highlighting Camera Area


Tap the Enable camera area switch.

Image of the Panoramic Wifi app  Camera Area settings highlighting the Enable Camera Area switch


Set the area of interest by dragging the dots to the desired area and then tap Save.

Image of the Panoramic Wifi app  Camera Area settings highlighting Save

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