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Enabling Continuous Video Recording in the Cox Homelife Mobile App


Enabling Continuous Video Recording (CVR) on your mobile device allows you to activate and view activity on any of your compatible Homelife cameras.


Use the below information to enable or disable continuous video recording from the Homelife app on your mobile device.

  • If Continuous Video Recording is switched to a different camera and you have multiple cameras, then you must disable one camera by sliding the CVR toggle to the left and then enable the new camera.
  • If Continuous Video Recording is disabled on one camera, then any recordings you have captured with that camera are temporarily unavailable until the service on that camera is re-enabled.

Sign in to the Homelife mobile app.


From the Overview screen, tap the More menu and select Manage Devices.

Image of More screen Manage Devices


From the Manage Devices screen, tap the camera you want to enable.

Image of Manage Devices screen with cameras


From the Edit Device screen, slide the CVR toggle to the right and tap Done.

Note: After you have completed this step, the camera reboots. Once the reboot completes, the CVR service is activated.

Image of Edit Device screen with CVR Toggle

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