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Easy Connect of the Door Lock for Homelife Automation


Follow the steps below to add a smart door lock to your Cox Homelife Automation system.

  1. Sign in to your Cox Homelife mobile app.
  2. From the Overview screen, tap on the More menu.
  3. From the More screen, tap Manage Devices.
  4. From the Manage Devices screen, tap Add Devices

    Image of Manage Devices screen-Add Devices

  5. From the Add Devices screen, tap the Door Locks option.
  6. Follow the instructions on screen to pair your installed smart door lock.

Pairing and Programming


After you have installed the door lock, but before attaching the back cover, pair the smart door lock with your Homelife hub.

  1. Press the A button on the inside panel four times until the red and amber lights appear, indicating it is in pairing mode.
  2. The Homelife mobile app completes the rest.
  3. Your paired door lock displays on the Manage Device screen.
  4. Tap EDIT to customize the device name (for example, Front Door).

Programming Codes

Follow the steps below to program up to 30 individual user codes for your door lock.

Note: These codes are managed at the physical door lock, not through your Homelife mobile app.

  1. On the inside panel of the door lock, press the Program button one time.
  2. On the door lock’s keypad, enter a new user code between four to eight digits.
  3. Press the Lock button once.
  4. The keypad flashes green and beeps once to indicate programming was successful.
    Repeat the process to program additional user codes.
  5. Attach the back cover of the door lock and secure it with the provided hex screws.
  6. Test to ensure the door latch operates properly by locking and unlocking the door.

Using the Mobile App

  1. Tap the Door Lock tile on your mobile app.
    Result: The current status of the door lock displays either Locked or Unlocked.
  2. Tap the Door Lock icon to either lock or unlock the door.

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