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Downloading Recordings Using the Contour App


You can download and watch completed recordings from your Cloud DVR service using the Contour App.


Before downloading content, you must meet the following service requirements.

  • You must have Cox Contour TV service with Cloud DVR service.
  • The Contour App is used on your Apple, Android, or Kindle device.
  • You must have a connection to Internet service.


Review the following restrictions.

  • You can have up to 50 titles downloaded to a device.
  • A title is only available on one device at a time. You must return the program from one device before downloading it to another.
  • A title must have completed recording before it can be downloaded to a device.
  • Up to five devices can be used to download recordings.
  • Downloads must be done while using your Cox in-home Internet.

Perform the following steps to download a recording to a device.


Using your Apple, Android, or Kindle device, open the Contour App.


In the bottom navigation bar, locate and tap My Library.


Tap Recordings to see all of your recorded DVR content.

image of bottom navigation bar and recordings


Locate the recording you want to download and tap the recording.


On the recording details screen, tap Download.

image displaying download option

Result: The recording details screen displays a progress bar as it downloads. You can tap Cancel to stop the download at any time.


To watch the downloaded content, tap Watch.


When you have finished watching the recording or you want to watch the recording on a different device, tap Return.

Note: Recordings cannot be viewed on more than one device at the same time.

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