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Disconnecting and Returning Your Cox Homelife Continuous Video Recording Playback Adapter


These instructions do not pertain to Cox customers who subscribed to Homelife Continuous Video Recording (CVR) service after August 7, 2018. Only customers who subscribed to the Homelife CVR service prior to August 2018 and were automatically upgraded to the new Homelife CVR platform need to disconnect and return their Homelife CVR Playback Adapter.

With the new Continuous Video Recording (CVR) service, you no longer need a CVR Playback Adapter. The Playback Adapter displayed below is connected to your Homelife router by an Ethernet cable.

Image of playback adaptor connections

Complete the following steps to disconnect and return your Playback Adapter.

  1. Unplug your Playback Adapter from your Ethernet cable (green connection).
  2. Remove the extra Ethernet cord from your Homelife Security Router.
  3. Unplug the power cord from your Playback Adapter (blue connection).
  4. Return the Playback Adapter and power cord to your nearest Cox Solutions Store.

As a part of the Cox Conserves initiative, we strive to minimize the downstream impacts of all our products at the end of their life. We recommend that all customers take their Playback Adapter to the nearest Cox Solutions Store and to be recycled; however, there is not an unreturned equipment charge associated with the equipment if you choose to recycle or dispose of the equipment by other means.

You can visit https://sustainableelectronics.org/ or http://e-stewards.org/ to find an electronics recycling center near you that has been certified to Cox Conserves standards.

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