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Disconnect or Cancel Service


  • If you are moving or requesting to transfer your services, refer to Move Cox Services.
  • To disconnect or cancel your service, contact us for assistance.

Use the following information to understand how disconnecting or canceling your services may impact your billing, equipment, phone service, and email.


When disconnecting the service, your bill will be pro-rated. You will be billed only for the partial month of services before the disconnection. For example, if your billing cycle runs from the first of the month to the end, you will not be billed for the entire month if you disconnect before the end.

If you are disconnected for non-payment services, your services will be restored once you make payment. To pay your bill, access View / Pay Bill.

Equipment Return

You can drop off or ship Cox equipment at designated Cox service locations, such as cable boxes, modems, remote controls, and cabling. For locations, go to www.cox.com, click the Contact link at the top right of the webpage, then click Find a Solutions Store. Once the map displays, click the Product Drop Off checkbox located in the menu to the right of the map.

Phone Service

The 911 service remains active if your phone service is disconnected for non-payment.

  • Your phone service, including access to E911, will operate for up to eight hours during a power outage only if a battery is installed and is fully charged.
  • You are responsible for ordering, installing, and monitoring the status of the battery.
    • If this modem's battery indicator shows that you need a battery, or your battery needs replacing, you can purchase one by calling 1-855-324-7700, or visiting a Cox retail store.
    • Find out more information at www.cox.com/battery.
  • To ensure that E911 dispatchers receive your correct address, the installed modem should not be moved within your home or to another address. Please notify Cox if you would like to move your telephone modem.

Cox Email

Per our email policies, if you wish to keep messages and contacts after disconnecting Cox Internet service, you must move your Cox Email content to another email provider. After the disconnect is complete, we send you notification emails to your preferred contact email address on file to remind you to take action to save or move your Cox Email content.

We know switching email providers is never easy. Below are a few resources to help you move content from your Cox Email to an external account.

Note: To use the following tips, be sure to first set up your Cox Email in an email client program such as Outlook. Refer to Setting Up an Email Account in Windows for details.

  1. In your email client program, export the files you want to keep to a local file. For example, Outlook uses the file format .pst.
  2. Set up your new email account in your email client program from your new provider. Contact your external email account provider for assistance.
  3. To access your saved Cox Email content, import the local file to your new account.

The following manufacturer support resources can help you move Cox Email content to your external email account. For full support on moving content to your external email account, Cox recommends that you contact your new email provider.

ManufacturerSupport Link
GoogleGmail Support
MicrosoftOutlook Support
MozillaThunderbird Support

Alternatively, free and paid software options are available to archive your email or address book.

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