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Deleting an Email Account in macOS Mail


Cox Email is a free service that was included with all Cox High Speed Internet packages. As of August 15, 2019, Cox Email is no longer available to new users.

Cox does not support all email clients. The following information is for reference only. For specific information on using Mail for macOS, visit support.apple.com/mail.

Be sure to copy your mailboxes, messages, notes, or other items to an In My Mac mailbox before deleting an email account.


Go to the Applications folder and choose Mail, or click the Mail icon from the Dock at the bottom of your screen.


From the Mail menu, choose Preferences, then click Accounts.

Select the account you want to remove, then click the Remove (-) icon.

Result: The alert The accounts setup information, mailboxes, messages, notes and to do's will be deleted permanently from your computer displays.

On the alert, click Remove.

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