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Delete a User Code From the Cox Homelife Door Locks


Follow the steps below to delete a user code from your Cox Homelife door lock.

Note: The hex key is size 3/32. A replacement key can be purchased at most hardware stores.


To remove the interior cover, complete the following steps.

  1. Using the hex key provided, remove the three screws that hold the interior cover in place.

    Image of Remove screws from door lock

  2. Remove the interior cover.

    Image of Remove interior cover

Press program button once.

During the programming, if no button is pressed for five seconds, the system will time out. There will be three beeps and the keypad will flash red. If the system times out, it will be necessary to restart the process.

Image of Kwikset program button


Press lock button once.

Image of Kwikset front lock button


On the keypad, use the numbers to enter the user code.

Image of Kwikset number keypad


Press lock button once.

Image of Kwikset front lock button


Re-enter the user code.

Kwikset number keypad


Press lock button once.

Kwikset front lock button

If... Then...
The keypad flashes green and beeps once. The programming was successful.
The keypad flashes red and beeps three times.

Programming was not successful.

  1. Complete the process again.
  2. Make certain the same code is entered at steps four and six.

Test the user code to make sure it no longer unlocks the door.

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