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Data Usage and Cox Services


The following Cox services or video content do not count toward your data usage.

  • Cox Voice service
  • Most video content accessed from your cable receiver, the Contour app, and on watchtv.cox.com

Playing video content or using applications identified as Internet on the Contour receiver does count toward your data usage because they are streamed over the internet. This includes any content viewed through apps such as Netflix, Prime Video, and YouTube on your Contour receiver. The following icons display by each program title or application.

  • In the Contour on-screen guide, content marked with the icon Internet icon will count toward your data usage.
  • The Cox Contour app available via iOS, Android, Kindle, and online at watchtv.cox.com, will not count toward your data usage when your device is connected to your Cox Internet service.
  • All content for Contour Stream Player customers counts toward data usage including Cox On Demand, subscription video on demand, streaming services, and apps. 

Apps on Contour

All content viewed through apps such as Netflix, Prime Video, and YouTube on your Contour receiver is streamed over the internet and counts toward your data usage. This is consistent with how streaming Netflix on any other devices such as Roku, Smart TV, tablet, or computer is subject to Cox data plan policies. Netflix provides estimates of how much usage you can expect when streaming content as well as tips on how to adjust your Netflix data usage settings at help.netflix.com/en/node/87.

Netflix estimates that each hour of standard definition video streaming uses about 1 GB of data, and up to 3 GB per hour for HD video. Streaming Ultra HD content can use up to 7 GB of data per hour.

Monitoring Your Data Usage

Cox offers the Data Usage Meter to all our customers. View your Data Usage Meter at any time by logging into My Account or from the Cox app. The meter shows your daily, monthly, and historical data usage, and you can see how much data you've used in your current usage cycle along with the remaining amount.

The meter has been tested for accuracy by Cox. Netforecast, an independent third party, has also provided independent Usage Meter Accuracy Audit Reports. Once on the site, scroll down to the Usage Meter Accuracy Audit Reports section and click on the most recent Cox Usage Meter Accuracy Audit Report.

Cox Panoramic Wifi customers have access to monitor certain network activity trends and devices connected to their WiFi network. While this functionality displays network activity trends, it can differ from actual data usage. For actual household data usage amounts, refer to the Data Usage Meter on Cox.com.

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