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Creating a Rule with Push Notification in the Homelife Mobile App


Use the following steps to enable push notifications when a Rule is triggered within your Homelife system. You also have the option to receive a text and email.

Important: This feature is available in app version iOS 10.7.1 and Android 10.7.


Sign in to the Cox Homelife Mobile App.


From the Overview screen, complete the following.

  1. Tap the More tab.
  2. Tap Application.
    image of applications

From the Application Settings screen, under General Preferences, tap Push Notification.

image of applications selection
Note: Additional options may display based on your device type.


From the Push Notifications screen, under Your Device, toggle to allow or disable notifications for your registered device.
image of push notification result
Result: Your Push Notifications selection is set.


From the phone Settings menu, tap Notifications, and toggle to adjust notifications. For more information about notifications in your Settings menu, contact your phone provider.


Return to the Homelife app and Sign In.


From the Overview screen, tap Automation.

image of overview screen - Automation menu


On the Automation screen, tap the + icon.

Image of  top Automation bar with plus icon


On the New Automation screen, tap Rules to display suggested rules or to create a custom rule.


Tap either Create Custom or select from the suggested Rules.
image of new automation rules screen


On the My Rule screen, set an event trigger.

  1. From When this happens... tap Select Event and select the system trigger event such as when the door unlocks, and then tap Continue.
    Image of my rules screen
  2. From Do this, tap Select Event.
    Image of select event option

On the Select Event screen, tap Notify, and then tap Continue.


On the Notify screen, tap Push Notifications, and then tap Continue.

image of push notification

From the confirmation screen, rename the Rule, and tap Save.

image of saving rule

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