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Cox Telephone Service


Cox is transforming the current phone network into a new voice platform that will replace the current Cox Digital Telephone (CDT) network.

Cox Telephone Features

The new and upgraded services available on the Cox Voice platform are designed to improve the user experience. See the table below to learn about the features offered with Cox Voice and Cox Digital Telephone service.

Feature Description Details Cox Voice Cox Digital Telephone
High Definition Voice High Definition Voice provides clear voice calls that reduce background noise. You must have a High Definition Voice compatible phone to experience High Definition Voice calls.

Screen / Block Robocalls
  • Nomorobo is a 3rd party cloud-based service that blocks illegal robocaller and telemarketer calls from calling your home phone number.
  • You must enable Simultaneous Ring for the Nomorobo service to work.
The feature prevents phone calls that use computerized, auto-dialed, or pre-recorded messages from being received.

Simultaneous Ring Simultaneous Ring allows you to configure up to four phone numbers to ring at the same time as your primary phone number. Incoming calls can be answered from any one of your four devices.

Cox Voice Everywhere App Cox Voice Everywhere is a mobile voice service app.
  • You can use your Cox Voice plan and User Profile nationally and internationally without incurring extra fees.
  • The app is accessible from iOS and Android smartphones with a WiFi or cellular data connection.

Voice Tools Voice Tools allows you to self-manage phone features. You can review all calls—incoming and outgoing, listen to and manage voice mail messages, manage features such as Call Forwarding, Caller ID Block, Call Waiting, and more with Voice Tools.

Busy Line Redial Busy Line Redial notifies you when the number you're calling is free. When you hear a busy signal, activating Busy Line Redial causes the phone to continue to monitor the number for up to 30 minutes and a special callback ring alerts you if the line becomes free.

Call Forwarding Call Forwarding allows you to forward all incoming calls to another phone number.
  • The feature may be activated in Voice Tools.
  • When a call is forwarded, the phone will make one short ring and it can still be used to make outgoing calls.

Call Forwarding No Answer Call Forwarding No Answer allows you to forward incoming calls to another phone when the call is not answered in a determined number of rings. The feature is activated by dialing star 93 (*93).  

Call Trace Call Trace can be used to log harassing calls.
  • Activate Call Trace by dialing star 57 (*57) after receiving a harassing call.
  • Cox provides the call trace records to law enforcement upon request.

Call Waiting Call Waiting enables you to receive calls while you're already on the phone. A tone alert notifies the customer of another incoming call if the called party’s line is busy.

Caller ID Per Call Blocking Caller ID Per Call Blocking prevents your name and number from being displayed on a per call basis. Calls to 911, 800, and 900 numbers cannot be blocked using Caller ID Per Line Blocking.

Directory Assistance Directory Assistance allows you to access long distance and international numbers that are not listed as private. Dialing 411 connects you to directory assistance.

Selective Call Forwarding Selective Call Forwarding may be used to forward calls from select callers to another phone. The feature is activated by dialing star 63 (*63).

Selective Call Rejection Selective Call Rejection allows calls from select callers to be rejected. The feature is activated by dialing star 60 (*60).

Selective Call Accept Selective Call Accept allows you to only receive calls from select callers. The feature is activated by dialing star 64 (*64).  

3-Way Calling 3-way calling enables you to talk to two different people at the same time. Adding a third person to the line establishes a 3-way connection.

Speed Dial 8 Speed Dial 8 allows you to create a Top 8 list of numbers to dial with just one digit. The speed calling list may include up to 8 local or long distance numbers.

Call Return Call Return allows you to easily return the last number that called with the Call Return feature. If the line is busy or there is no answer, the phone continues trying for up to 30 minutes.

Anonymous Call Rejection Anonymous Call Rejection blocks callers who hide their caller ID information.
  • The feature is activated by dialing star 77 (*77).
  • Dial star 87 (*87) to deactivate the feature.

Repair Assistance Repair Assistance is provided by Cox Customer Service. Dialing 611 connects you to customer service.

Other N11 Services Other N11 codes are used to provide three-digit dialing access to special services. Special services include community information, Telecommunications Relay Service (TRS), and referral service lines.

Call Waiting with Caller ID Call Waiting with Caller ID displays the caller ID information for the incoming call in waiting.
  • You must have a phone with display capability.
  • Star 70 (*70) activates cancel Call Waiting prior to making a call.

Caller ID Caller ID enables you to view the name and number of an incoming caller. Caller ID subscriptions require the lease or purchase of a display telephone or an add-on display unit.

Call Blocking 411 Call Blocking 411 stops outgoing calls to Directory Assistance. The feature must be activated to restrict calls from a subscriber line to Directory Assistance 411.

Priority Ring Priority Ring creates a distinctive ring to announce calls from specified numbers. The feature is activated by dialing star 61 (*61).  

Toll Restrict (LD) Toll Restriction blocks domestic and 1+ international dialing.
  • The service does not block or disable the Auto Callback feature.
  • Returning long distance phone calls using Cox Voice Mail functionality results in Cox long distance charges, including calls made from customers with Toll Restrictions on their Cox account.

International Call Blocking International Call Blocking blocks all international direct dial calls that begin with 011. International Call Block does not prevent calls that begin with 1+Area Code such as the following locations.
  • Canada
  • Guam
  • Jamaica
  • All others

Voice Mail Voice Mail allows callers to leave a voice message when you can not answer a call. The feature includes a readable text transcript of the voice mail at no extra charge.

Enhanced 911 (E911) E911 is the enhanced version of 911 services. In an emergency, the E911 service automatically sends your location and phone number to the nearest Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP).

Operator Services Operator Services is also known as Operator Assistance. This feature includes any variety of telephone service which requires the assistance of an operator or an automated "operator."

Additional Questions and Answers

Some of the questions you may have about your Cox Telephone Service have been asked before. Refer to the frequently asked questions below to learn more about the Cox Voice service.

Why is Cox going from Cox Digital Telephone to Cox Voice?

Cox is upgrading our phone platform to provide enhanced calling features. Cox Voice gives our phone customers access to popular new features, such as Robocall Blocking (Nomorobo), Simultaneous Ring, and High Definition Voice.

How can I find out what phone service I have?

You can tell what platform you're on by the list of features that are available to you. For example, if you have the option to enable High Definition Voice or Simultaneous Ring, you are on the Cox Voice platform. You can go to My Account and check Voice Tools to verify your phone features.

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