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Cox Panoramic Wifi App Advanced Security Service


The Cox Panoramic Wifi App Advanced Security feature provides the following digital security services.

  • Automatic monitoring of all smart devices wirelessly connected to the home network, such as phones, laptops, game consoles, smart thermostats, and cameras.
  • Monitoring and analyzing WiFi traffic
  • Automatic blocking of suspicious activity

You can also view a list of digital security-related actions from the Panoramic Wifi dashboard.

Security Threats

Advanced Security app displays a list of detected threats and the devices that were impacted from the last seven days. Advanced Security sends notifications when a threat is detected. You will receive a push notification on threats that require your attention. Threats that the system resolves automatically display in the Notification and Advanced Security sections of the app. Threats that require action on your part include the following.

  • Targeted Network Attack
  • Suspicious Device Activity
  • Unauthorized Access Attempts

Other threats, like Suspicious Site Visits, do not require any action. You can select the impacted device to view additional details of that threat.

Enable and Disable

You must opt in to enable the Advanced Security feature by completing the following steps.

  1. From the Cox Panoramic Wifi App, choose either one of these two options.
    1. From the Overview screen, tap Secure your network.

      Image of Secure your network card
    2. If the Secure your network tile is not visible, from the bottom toolbar, tap Home.
    3. From the Home screen, tap Advanced Security.
    4. From the Advanced Security screen, tap Turn Off.

      Result: Confirmation screen displays Advanced Security is disabled.
  2. From the Panoramic Wifi Advanced Security section, tap Turn On to enable Advanced Security.

    Image of Turn On button

To disable the Advanced Security feature, complete the following steps.

  1. From the Cox Panoramic Wifi App on the bottom toolbar, tap Account.

    Image of Account Icon
  2. From the Account screen under More Resources, tap Panoramic Wifi Advanced Security.

    Image of Advanced Security tab
  3. From the My Services screen under Panoramic Wifi Advanced Security, complete the following steps.
    1. Tap Turn Off.

      Image of Advanced Security Turn Off card
    2. Tap the toggle switch to disable the Advanced Security service.

      Image of Advanced Security Toggle Off switch

      Result: A disabling message displays, advising it will take about 10 minutes to complete.

Action Required

Push notifications received for threats that require your attention display on the app dashboard.

  1. Select the device to access the Threat Details screen.

    Result: The Threat Details screen displays a summary of the threats that are blocked for that device.
  2. Select Help Me Fix It for details on resolving the threat.

Allow Access

The Allow Access function allows you to grant access to specific URLs that were blocked by the Advanced Security malicious site protection feature.

  • Select a device, the Affected Device screen displays a list of each threat associated with that device.
  • You may select a specific threat to view those threat details.

When a device is blocked from accessing a site, you can allow access to the site by tapping Allow Access. Complete the following steps to allow access to the URLs that you want to unblock.

  1. From the Threat History screen, tap Allow Access next to the URL you want to unblock.
  2. Tap the Allow Access button.
  3. Tap Close.

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