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Cox Mobile Eligibility


To sign up for the Cox Mobile service you must meet the following general requirements.

  • You must live at a Cox serviceable address.
  • You must have any level of active Cox residential Internet service.
  • Your account must enroll in EasyPay and Two-Step Verification at the time of purchase.
  • Your Social Security Number must be on the account.
  • To use a device you currently own, verify it is compatible with Cox using the Bring your own device to Cox Mobile webpage.

The following account types are ineligible.

  • StraightUp Internet
  • Roommate Accounts
  • Bulk Accounts

Changing Service After Activation

The following information applies to anyone who cancels their Cox Internet service or moves out of the Cox serviceable area.

If… Then…
You move out of the Cox serviceable area
  • You must remain within the continental U.S. to retain Cox Mobile service.

    Note: Alaska, Hawaii, and the U.S. territories are not eligible for Cox Mobile service.

  • Thirty days after your move, a $20 per-line monthly fee is applied.
Cancel your Cox Internet service Thirty days after cancellation, a $20 per-line monthly fee is applied.


The following applies whether you move out of a Cox serviceable area or cancel your Cox Internet service.

  • You may retain your line of service and the following options are available.
    • Purchase accessories
    • If the current device is paid in full, then you may purchase a replacement device
    • Maintain current device financing with Citizens Pay
    • Make changes to your plan, including international long-distance or roaming plans
    • Remove Cox Mobile Protection Plan
  • You cannot add a new Cox Mobile line of service.
  • You cannot finance a new Cox Mobile device through Citizens Pay.
  • You cannot add Cox Mobile Protection Plan to a new Cox Mobile device.
  • If you move to an address that has prepaid Cox services, the $20 per-line monthly fee may apply. Contact us to verify if your address is eligible for Cox Mobile and determine if the fee applies to your new address.
  • If you restore Cox Internet service then contact us to remove the $20 per-line monthly fee.

Seasonal Service

If you are placing your Cox services in a suspended or seasonal status, the following guidelines apply.

  • For a suspended service status, there is a limit of nine months.
  • Cox Mobile service cannot be suspended, only services such as Cox Internet, Voice, or Video service.
  • No per-line monthly fee is applied during the period of service suspension.
  • Any Cox Mobile device or accessory that is shipped, must be sent to your service address.
  • There are no restrictions to transactions with Cox Mobile, including adding new lines, financing new devices, or changing a service plan.

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