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Cox Mobile Device Activation Verification and Troubleshooting


After the activation of the phone has been completed, use the following steps to verify that the Cox Mobile device has activated or if additional troubleshooting is required.

Important: Ensure your device has the latest operating system (OS or iOS). If this is not updated, errors may occur and the provider information may not update correctly.


In the top corner of the device, either left or right, verify that Cox Mobile is displayed.

Image of mobile screen with cox mobile displayed in upper left corner

Note: The device may need to be locked to display Cox Mobile.


Check if the device is displaying a blue screen.

Note: This may occur only on Android devices.

  • If there is no blue screen, then continue to the next step.
  • If there is a blue screen, then press the volume down button.  This takes you to the setup menu for the device.

Ensure the device has three bars of service, anything less may cause issues during setup.


For any additional concerns or questions, contact us for further assistance.

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