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Cox Hotspots with Panoramic Wifi


Cox Hotspots is a free feature for Panoramic Wifi customers. This feature allows you to access Understanding Cox Hotspots nationwide, saving you cellular data usage, by using your Cox login credentials. You can also enable your Panoramic Wifi Gateway to safely extend WiFi access to your friends and family without having to provide your network password.

Cox Hotspots provides the following benefits.

  • Your cellular data is not used.
  • The feature is separate from your secure home WiFi network.
  • You can enable or disable the feature.
  • Easily and safely extend WiFi access without having to provide a network password.
  • Can be accessed nationwide by using your Cox login credentials.

Enable or Disable Cox Hotspots

Cox Hotspots is automatically enabled. We encourage you to keep this feature on as it allows more people to enjoy the benefits of Cox Hotspots. Cox Hotspots is designed to work on a separate WiFi network, so your home network remains entirely secure. By enabling guests to use Cox Hotspots, you increase your network security because you won't need to provide your private home WiFi network password.

To disable Cox Hotspots, complete the following steps.

  1. Open a web browser and enter www.cox.com/myprofile.
  2. Sign in to your account by entering your primary Cox user ID and password.
  3. From the Password, Security & Privacy section, click Privacy preferences.
  4. From the Privacy preferences page, does the Cox Hotspot section display?
    • If yes, then click the radio button next to Disable.
    • If no, then contact us for help.
  5. Click Save changes.

Additional Questions and Answers

View the following frequently asked questions about Cox Hotspots. If you have additional questions, you can contact us.

How do Cox Hotspots work?

Your Cox Panoramic Wifi Gateway broadcasts an additional SSID, CoxWiFi. This creates an extension of the Cox Hotspots network that uses a separate data stream from the one on your home network.

Do Cox Hotspots impact my internet speeds or data usage?

The Cox Hotspots data stream does not impact your home network data stream, so it will not impact your household's data usage or speeds. The usage and activities of guest users are associated with the guests’ accounts and therefore do not impact you. Because all WiFi networks broadcast on 5 GHz or 2.4 GHz bands, there can be minor impacts to WiFi performance due to WiFi interference as more devices use those bands.

How do guests connect to Cox Hotspots in my home?

From your guest's device, select the WiFi network labeled CoxWiFi and sign on with their Cox user ID and password. Your guest will only need to sign in to Cox Hotspots once unless they choose to forget the network. When their device is in range of a Cox Hotspot, it will automatically connect. The Cox Hotspot is only accessible by qualified Cox customers visiting your home who subscribe to Connect2Compete, Preferred 150 or 250, Ultimate, and Gigablast Cox Internet packages. To learn more about signing in to Cox Hotspots, see Signing In to Cox Hotspots.

Are Cox Hotspots secure?

Yes, the feature is designed to work on a separate WiFi network that is different from your home WiFi network.

Will Cox Hotspots work when my wireless gateway is in bridge mode?

Yes, your gateway will support the Cox Hotspots feature so your guests to connect to Cox Hotspots.

Is there a limit to the number of devices that can connect to Cox Hotspots at one time?

Cox Hotspots is limited to five devices simultaneously connected so that users can enjoy a better experience.

Will my address be shown on the hotspot location map or the Cox Wifi app?

No, we do not list residential customers' addresses on the hotspot location map or in the Cox Wifi app.

Should I use my private WiFi network or the Cox Hotspot when I am at home?

Devices that have been logged into your private WiFi network are blocked from logging in to the CoxWiFi SSID on your home gateway so we can provide you with the best possible WiFi service. If you have to replace your home gateway and a device connects to the CoxWiFi SSID instead of your private WiFi network, then you will need to manage your device's WiFi settings to select CoxWiFi and then select Forget the network so it will default to your private WiFi network.

Why don’t I see the CoxWiFi network in my home?

Cox WiFi is supported on our Panoramic Wifi Gateways only. If you have an older Cox-provided gateway, then contact us to discuss an upgrade. Wireless routers that were purchased at a retail store do not support the Cox Hotspots service.

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