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Cox Homelife User Learning Period


The user learning period, also known as user orientation period (UOP), starts after the installation of your Cox Homelife system.

This 72 hour period allows you to learn how to use the system without causing any false alarms and emergency response dispatches, that may result in being assessed municipal false alarm fees. Refer to Cox Homelife Ordinances and Permit Documents to see if your city charges for false alarms.

The following items occur during the user learning period:

  • Burglary events get a verification call from the Central Monitoring Station (CMS) but there is not a dispatch of police services unless specifically requested by the customer during this 72 hour window.
  • Cox is not responding to any burglary alarm signals, notifying authorities, dispatching law enforcement or emergency services, or taking any other actions in response to an alarm signal; even if the alarm is due to an actual event.
  • Normal handling and dispatch remains for Duress, Panic, Fire, and Medical during this learning period.

Your system will automatically be connected to the Cox monitoring center following this 72 hour test period.

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