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Cox Homelife Device Battery Replacement Instructions

Ensure your Homelife system is disarmed prior to changing the batteries in any of your Homelife devices. Then call the Central Monitoring Station at 1-800-633-2677 to put your system into test mode. This prevents your system from triggering a false tamper alarm.

In order for optimal operation of your system, it is important to change your batteries when the touchscreen, mobile app, or the Cox Homelife devices alert you to low batteries. For additional support, visit Cox.com Education Center in the Battery Replacement section to view step-by-step instructions and videos to guide you.

  • Disarm your Cox Homelife system prior to changing the battery in any of the devices.
  • Place the touchscreen into alarm test mode to prevent an alarm / tamper condition.
  • Note the polarity shown in the battery compartment and match the + and - signs on the ends of the batteries to the signs inscribed in the battery compartment.

If your Cox Homelife Touchscreen or other device not listed below need battery replacement, then contact Cox Homelife Customer Support.

After replacing the equipment battery, acknowledge any error on the touchscreen and then reboot it. Refer to Rebooting the Homelife Touchscreen.

Which device needs new batteries?

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