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Cox Homelife Alarm Agents


Licensed Installers

Use the following to understand the requirement for licensed installers.

  • All Cox Homelife alarm agents (the individuals responsible for installing, servicing, and maintaining Cox Homelife systems) are registered as alarm agents.
  • If your town or city has an alarm business ordinance, all mandatory licensing of the alarm business and its alarm agents is explained therein.
  • The public can check on the status of an alarm agent license by going to the state or local jurisdiction licensing agency websites. Alarm agents may carry additional badges if licensed in other jurisdictions.

Background Checks

All Cox employees, including technicians, are extensively screened prior to employment. Alarm agents go through additional background checks when applying for their alarm agent licenses and may be subject to further background checks as mandated by the towns or cities they serve.

Licensed Installer Qualifications

Many state Individual licenses require that employees have a certain amount of experience, training, and responsibilities. One or more of the following items listed below may be required.

  • Unable to contract services as an independent contractor.
  • Meet all certification, continuing education, training, and testing requirements in a timely manner prior to and after licensing.
  • Notify the appropriate state agency of any of the following items:
    • Change in the home address
    • Separation from an employer or change in employer
    • Conviction for a felony or entry of a plea of guilty or nolo contendere to a felony charge.

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