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Cox Email Settings


Cox continues to support existing customers with Cox Email; however, we no longer offer the ability for new and existing Cox Internet customers to create new Cox Email accounts.

To access the different settings available within Cox Email, complete the following steps.

After signing in, click the Settings icon on the upper right. From the drop-down menu, click Settings.

Image of Cox Email Settings Icon

From the Settings menu, select from the following choices for customization options for Cox Email users.

Image of the Settings menu

To hide or show ads, click the right arrow right arrow or left arrow left arrow on the right side of the window.

Basic Settings 

Refer to the table below for details about Basic Settings.

Note: Some settings require a page reload to take effect.

Setting Description
Language Choose your language.
Time zone Select your time zone.
Refresh Interval Customize how frequently new messages are retrieved from the server.
Theme Customize the display.
Default app after sign in Set the default page that opens after signing in to Cox Email.
Automatic sign out Enable or disable automatic logging out.
Automatic opening of notification area Select how notifications display.
My Profile... Edit your Cox Email profile information. Click Save or Discard to exit.
Change password... Redirects to My Account to change password.


Add external accounts by clicking Add account or change Cox Email display name by clicking Edit. After adding the external account, can add, edit, or delete settings related to your external email addresses synced with your Cox Email Inbox here.


Refer to the table below for details about the Inbox settings.

Setting Description Options
Common Choose how these standard email options help you manage your Inbox.
  • Permanently remove deleted emails
  • Automatically collect contacts in the folder "Collected addresses" while sending
  • Automatically collect contacts in the folder "Collected addresses" while reading
  • Used fixed-width font for text emails
  • Default sender address
  • Auto-save email drafts
Compose Select options for composing new email.
  • Append vCard
  • Insert the original email text to a reply
Forward emails as Choose how to forward email.
  • Inline
  • Attachment
Format emails as Choose how email displays in the reading pane and additional compose email options.
  • HTML
  • Plain text
  • HTML and plain text
Default font style Set default font for how emails display in your Inbox.
  • Font
  • Size
  • Color
Display Customize how your emails will display in the application.
  • Allow html formatted emails
  • Allow pre-loading of externally linked images
  • Display emoticons as graphics in text emails
  • Color quoted lines
  • Show requests for read receipts
  • Change IMAP subscriptions

Vacation Notice

A vacation message can be set to automatically reply to incoming emails. Set up message rules and customize the following settings.

  • Create a vacation message
  • Select from the following message rules
    • Do not activate vacation message
    • Reply every time
    • Reply every time and append original message
    • Reply once to each sender

Auto Forward 

You can enter email addresses and customize rules for mail forwarding with the following settings.

  • Disable forwarding
  • Forward and keep a copy
  • Forward, then discard

Filter Rules 

To help you ensure that incoming email from certain senders or entire domains do or do not get routed to specific folders, you can create, edit, and delete rules. Verify that all filter conditions and subsequent rule processes are correct and will function as you intend before saving your new or edited filter rules.

You can filter based on the following conditions.

  • From
  • To
  • CC
  • Any recipient
  • Mailing list
  • Subject
  • Body
  • Address
  • Envelope
  • Header
  • Size
  • Sent date
  • Current date

To add new filters, click Add new rule.

image of adding new filter rule

Note: Only email that is not caught by a spam filter will be filtered by a filter rule.

Blocked Senders 

View the list of up to 250 email addresses or domains you've blocked to prevent them from sending you email. You can take the following actions to manage your blocked senders and blocked email.

  • Allow or block email from individual senders or entire domains
  • Delete blocked messages
  • Place blocked messages in a folder
  • Remove blocked sender email addresses or domains

Note: To add new email addresses to your blocked list, go to your Inbox, place a check in the box next to the email, then click the More actions icon. From the More actions drop-down menu, click Block sender.


Personalize your outgoing mail signature.

  • Add a new signature
  • Choose default for new messages and replies or forwards
  • Edit existing signatures
  • Delete existing signatures

Spam Settings 

In your inbox, click Mark as Spam on emails to report it to the Cox dynamic spam filtering system. Marking as spam does not block a sender from emailing you. To learn how to block a sender, see Filter Rules and Blocked Senders.

Note: When you use a unified mailbox and external accounts deliver email to your Cox Email inbox, you must go to your Cox Email inbox individually to be able to Mark as Spam. The unified mailbox view does not include the Mark as Spam option on email.

Set the following preferences for Spam emails.

  • Mark as Spam and deliver to Inbox
  • Put in Spam folder
  • Delete Spam without delivering

Block large groups or amounts of spam.

  • From your WebMail Settings menu, select Inbox then select Filter Rules.
  • Add a new rule.
  • Add a condition based on From, and then type in the domain of the email addresses that spam you.
  • Add an action to either discard or file the emails from that domain into any folder of your choice, such as Trash. Filtering spam at the domain level is often more effective than blocking individual email addresses.


You can change the format of how names display in your contact list from the Contacts tab.

Display of names has the following options.

  • Language-specific default
  • First name Last name
  • Last name, First Name

Link postal addresses with map service has the following options.

  • Google Maps
  • Open Street Map
  • No link


Refer to the table below for details about Calendar settings.

Setting Description Options
Time Adjust preferences for calendar time display options.
  • Time scale in minutes
  • Start of working time
  • End of working time
  • Show declined appointments
New appointment Customize appointments options.
  • Default reminder
  • Mark all day appointment as free
Email notifications Customize notifications options.
  • Receive notification for appointment changes
  • Receive notification as appointment creator when participants accept or decline
  • Receive notification as appointment participant when other participants accept or decline
  • Automatically delete the invitation email after the appointment has been accepted or declined

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