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Cox Complete Care


Cox Complete Care provides a cost-effective, comprehensive, simple solution for residential customers that combines remote troubleshooting and resolution of PC, laptop, and application issues with in-home technician service for internal wiring repair.

Cox Complete Care has the following benefits.

  • Personal IT support desk providing assistance for questions and issues not supported by Cox in English or Spanish 24/7, 365 days a year via chat, phone, and remote computer access.
  • Protection from potential charges on in-home trouble calls.

Price and Coverage

Cox Complete Care is $10 per month and includes the following coverage.

Coverage Category Coverage Details
Advanced Technical Support
  • Advanced tech support is delivered by phone, chat, or remote computer access. In-home advanced tech support is not provided.
  • Support is available 24/7/365.
  • Provides technology support for home electronics includes basic device or system setup, enablement, configuration, device to device connectivity, synchronization, subsequent on-demand troubleshooting, and customer education. The following devices are supported.
    • PC, laptops, and Macs
    • Smartphones and tablets for Android and iOS
    • Televisions, gaming systems, and other home entertainment devices
    • Wearables and IoT devices
    • Smart home hubs and their branded devices
    • Smart Appliances
    • Other WiFi-connected devices
Internal Wiring
  • Repair and replacement of inside cable coax/telephone wire damaged by normal wear-and-tear and animal chews. Includes wiring from the internet and telephone modem into the dwelling.
  • Replacement of installed or existing fittings, splitters, amplifiers, and outlets.
Customer Education
  • Provide technology training and advice such as personalizing and syncing devices, learning how to use common software / apps, and uploading content.
  • Education on Cox TV, Internet, and phone equipment and services.
Customer-Owned Equipment

Isolate customer-owned equipment impacting service.

Cox Complete Care does not cover the following support scenarios.

  • Internal wiring repair / replacement as a result of theft, tampering, or competitor wiring
  • Smart panel wiring repairs
  • Computer and device hardware repair
  • Warranty coverage for Homelife equipment
  • Installation support, including failed self-installs, Pro Connect Conversions, or outlet relocations
  • Repair of a device that does not boot up or power on
  • Domain or password resets

    Exception: Cox Complete Care can assist with resetting your Cox password.

  • Fixing corrupted files
  • VPN configuration / maintenance

    Note: VPN support is limited to ensuring VPN software is installed correctly and that no computer settings are preventing the VPN from running.

  • Troubleshooting residential servers
  • Assistance with devices not associated with connected or connectable devices, such as standard toasters or refrigerators

Ordering Cox Complete Care

For quick and easy access, sign in and order Cox Complete Care online.

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