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How we are responding to the Coronavirus

At Cox, health and safety is our top priority. We are responding to the Coronavirus by taking multiple steps to maintain services provided to customers and the community while ensuring the safety of our employees and customers. We are in close contact with government and health officials as this situation evolves.

See below for helpful customer support information and company news of how we are addressing key concerns related to the Coronavirus.

We're here for you

Learn how

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Self-service tools

Visit our support pages for self-service assistance, where there are quick videos and helpful articles to help you manage and troubleshoot your services.

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Internet support 

Find answers to your internet troubleshooting problems and learn helpful tips to optimize your wireless network.

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Cox app

Download the Cox app for an easy way to pay bills, check data usage, get 24/7 support and more.

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Company announcements

Get the latest news and updates on our response to the health crisis.

Helpful tips

Start here with our frequently asked questions

Thanks for hanging in there with us during these unusual times.  Our wait times are longer than usual due to the coronavirus crisis, but we’re here to help. For help without a wait, here are a few of our most common questions with quick online solutions.

In response to Coronavirus, our Cox Solutions stores hours of operation are Monday - Friday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. All stores are closed Saturdays and Sundays. Locate a store.

We have a few ways for you to make a payment online using our pay bill tool as well as the Cox app.

In response to Coronavirus, the hours of operation for Cox Solutions Stores are Monday - Friday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. If you need to make a cash payment outside of the store hours, then the following Cox authorized payment locations are available.

Note: At most of these locations, the merchant may charge a fee to accept a payment which could cost between $1.50 and $3.49.

Effective immediately, Cox technicians will no longer be entering customer homes. While we can’t come into your home, we can still support you virtually through a variety of tools and resources including remote assistance, live video chat, and more to ensure your services are working correctly.  

There are many factors that could cause wifi to stop working. Below are the most basic steps when troubleshooting wifi:

  1. Restart your gateway device

  2. Confirm your wifi radios are enabled
    a. Validate that both radio bands on the modem are enabled, 2.4GHz and 5 GHz

  3. Make sure you are entering the correct wifi password

  4. Restart your end device that’s trying to connect to the wifi

For more information, use these instructions for your gateway device

We recommend you visit our Easy Connect support to learn more about the self-install process and available resources.

There are many external factors can cause the speeds on your device to be slower than the speeds Cox delivers. If you are experiencing slower speeds, explore steps you can take to improve performance or watch this video of bandwidth tips.

Use your Cox user ID and password to easily connect to our nationwide network of hotspots. Find your nearest hotspot and get steps on how to connect.

We're here to help. Use these instructions to troubleshoot your VPN connection.

Note: For problems logging in to your work VPN, contact your IT support for assistance.

Internet connection support

Optimize your internet connection and be prepared for work with these helpful tips:

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Tips for working from home

Information, guidelines, and tips to assist you with increasing your Cox home network's performance while working from home.

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Improving your home wifi

Check out our comprehensive wifi improvement guide as we tackle some of the most common wifi problems users face today.

Latest announcements

With all of the uncertainty we‘re facing with the coronavirus crisis, staying connected is more important than ever. Here’s the latest on the many ways we are working to ensure robust, reliable service for our consumer and business customers, employees and partners.

We've seen an increase in internet traffic as people have shifted their work and school activities home in response to Coronavirus.  You may be experiencing impacts in your neighborhood at certain times of day, and that can be frustrating. Our engineers are working to provide the best possible experience.  In the meantime, here are a few things you can do.  

Despite unprecedented traffic increases, cable broadband networks are performing well overall and meeting the needs of remote workers and students learning from home. Visit NCTA to see how America's cable broadband networks are performing nationwide and by state.

With all of the uncertainty we‘re facing, one thing is crystal clear: Internet connectivity is more important than ever as millions of people across the country connect to work, school and their families from home. Cox has taken a number of actions to ensure that our employees, customers and partners, and the broader communities in which they live, have robust, reliable network connectivity and assurance that they can use their service as needed…Continue Reading

Following a series of announcements last week, Cox announced today additional relief offerings to support residential customers during the coronavirus pandemic. New plans include offering a low-income internet tier with no annual contract and relaxing data usage overage charges for all tiers…Continue Reading

We are responding to the Coronavirus crisis by increasing access and speeds of our low-income internet service Connect2Compete. New Connect2Compete customers will receive their first two months of service free, which is normally available to qualified low-income households for $9.95/month.   This goes into effect Monday, March 16.   We’re also increasing the service’s speed from 25/3 Mbps to 50/3 Mbps for 60 days. The speed increase will go into effect Tuesday, March 17…Learn More

Cox announced today additional plans to support residential customers during the coronavirus pandemic. Cox is upgrading internet speeds for select residential packages and implementing a variety of other changes to provide support and relief for our customers and communities in greatest need…Continue Reading

Cox announced today its support for the FCC’s Keep America Connected initiative as part of the company’s ongoing coronavirus response efforts. As part of its commitment, Cox pledges…Continue Reading

With the ongoing Coronavirus crisis, we don’t want our customers who are impacted to worry about losing their Cox services. If you’re impacted and are unable to make a payment by your due date, log in to My Account on Cox.com or reach out to our customer service representatives through text, phone or chat for options.

Ask about Promise to Pay and Promise to Pay with Extension options which will limit late payment reminders or give you more time to pay without worrying about interruption to your Cox services.

To review your options, sign in to My Account and review the My Bill card. If you see the message, "Can’t pay today? Request help here," click through to visit the Payment Arrangement Options page. There, you’ll see options to schedule a future payment beyond your current due date or request additional time to make a payment later. Follow the remaining two steps for either option to complete your payment arrangement online.

If you do not see the 'Can’t pay today?' options in My Account, please call 1-844-221-3930 to speak with a special team representative Monday through Friday. To text a representative, type 54512 on your mobile phone or visit www.cox.com/chat for support any time. Additionally, representatives are also available in our Cox retail stores. To find a retail location, visit www.cox.com/retail.

Cox is taking multiple steps to maintain services provided to customers and the general public while ensuring the safety of our employees and customers. We are in close contact with government and health officials as this situation evolves. Here’s a summary of key measures the company has taken...Continue Reading


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Four ways to connect with your grandparents through technology

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