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Contour Wireless Xi6 Receiver


Arris Xi6 MOCA and IP HD Receiver front view

Receiver Capabilities

HD Capable

4K Compatible

RF Remote Capable

Supports up to a 30-minute pause, rewind, and fast forward of live TV

Not compatible with external hard drive

Guide Version

Contour or Contour Stream Player


  • Cox offers 4K programming for some sports and events on channels 4001 and 4002 when available. In addition, you can access 4K content through the Netflix and YouTube apps.

    Note: Customers must be using a 4K compatible TV to receive 4K content.

  • Ensure the TV has the most recent firmware to ensure 4K capability. Refer to the TV manufacturer to verify the firmware and upgrade as needed if 4K content is not functioning correctly.
  • Like with any other Cox receiver, using content or apps identified as Internet in the guide count toward data usage. Linear content, commonly referred to as live channels or non-subscription On Demand, does not count toward data usage. See Understanding Data Usage for more information.

Installation Process

Use the guide below for instructions on how to connect this receiver to a TV.

The Panoramic Wifi Gateway must be installed and the internet working prior to connecting the receiver.

Contour Wireless Xi6 Receiver Connection Guide (PNG)

Top View

As pictured above, the top view shows the Contour logo with the power indicator light directly below the logo. The table below describes the LED power indicator status on the receiver.

LED StateDefinition
No lightThe receiver is OFF or in power save mode
Slow blinkThe receiver may be booting but no failure exists
Double blinkWarehouse Only:
Code download or receiver update but no failure
Rapid blinkAn error has occurred
Solid ONThe receiver is ON and in normal operation

Back View

Arris Xi6 MoCA and IP HD receiver back panel diagram showing ethernet port, HDMI ports, and power.

From left to right, review the table below for a description of the connection ports.

YellowThree dots in a triangleEthernet PortYes
BlueHD to TVHDMI OutYes
RedLine with three dashes belowPower ConnectionYes

Bottom View

Image of bottom of device

The following is located on the bottom of the device.

  • Product Serial Number
  • Device Mac
  • Ethernet Mac
  • WiFi Mac
  • Model Number
  • WPS link button

    Note: The WPS link button has two white arrows pointing inward on the button.


  • Height: 0.91"
  • Width: 5.11"
  • Depth: 5.11"

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