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Contour App Minimum Requirements and Supported Devices


You need the following to access the Contour app.

  • Cox user ID and password
  • Subscribe to any level of Contour TV service
  • An internet connection
    • When inside your home, your subscription to any level of residential Cox Internet gives you access to all of your subscribed channels.

      Note: Without Cox Internet service at home, the app defaults to showing you the Contour App Out of Home Channels only.
    • When outside your home, connect to any internet connection to view the Contour App Out of Home Channels.


The following restrictions apply to the number of simultaneous users of the Contour App.

  • Five simultaneous streams are allowed per account.
  • Three simultaneous streams are allowed for use out-of-home.

Supported Devices

The following table provides an overview of the device and operating system required to use the Contour app.

  • The Contour app is not available for Windows phones or tablets.
  • On a customer's phone in the Device Settings, Location Permission must be allowed.
TypeOperating System(s)How to Watch
Apple iOSiOS 13 or laterWatch on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
Download the Contour App for iOS
AndroidAndroid OS 7.5 or laterWatch on any phone or tablet with a supported operating system
Download the Contour App for Android
ApplemacOS 10.7 or higherGo to watchtv.cox.com using one of the following browsers.
  • Microsoft Edge 17 or higher
  • Chrome 75 or higher
  • Firefox 68 or higher
  • Safari 11 or higher
PCWindows 8 or higher

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