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Contour Accessible Web Remote


The Accessible Web Remote is a free web-based remote for tablets and computers that allows your assistive technology devices such as sip-and-puff, switch controllers, and eye gaze software to use the Contour features. Some examples of these features are as follows.

  • Navigate the Contour menu
  • Change the channel
  • Set a recording
  • Search for programming
  • Access integrated apps

To access the Accessible Web Remote, go to https://webremote.cox.com.

Note: First-time users must pair the remote to the receiver, refer to Pairing the Accessible Web Remote.

image of accessible web remote

Use the following tips to help in navigating the Accessible Web Remote.

  • The web-based remote has a type search field that performs voice command search of your Contour service.
  • The application can be zoomed in or out using the following commands for the device being used.
    • For a smartphone or tablet, use two fingers to zoom out or in.
    • For a PC, press CTRL and + together to zoom in and CTRL and - together to zoom out.
    • For a Mac, press CMD and + together to zoom in and CMD and - together to zoom out.
  • Bookmark pages on your browser for easy access later.

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