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Contour 2 App Appears Frozen or Buffering


Use the following information to troubleshoot an app when the picture appears frozen or buffering on the Contour 2 receiver.

Note: As an internet application, Contour 2 apps use a data stream via the internet which may buffer due to slow speeds from the receiver.

  1. Attempt to access the connections on the back of the cable receiver and ensure the cables are finger tight.
  2. On the Cox remote control, press Exit.

    If the app… Then…
    Is still frozen or the receiver doesn't respond
    1. Unplug the receiver from power, wait for 30 seconds, then plug power back in to receiver.
    2. Attempt to relaunch the application.
    Exits Attempt to relaunch the application.
  3. Did this resolve the issue?
    • If yes, then no further action is needed. All steps complete.
    • If no, then contact us for further assistance.

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