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Contacting Citizens Pay


The Citizens Pay Device Payment Plan allows you to finance your phone with a Line of Credit, which allows you to make monthly payments towards the total cost of your Cox Mobile device.

  • Cox cannot apply a payment for a financed device.
    • Your Cox Mobile billing due date may differ from your Home Services bill due date.
    • You will receive a separate bill statement from Citizens Pay, but you can also see the balance on your device from your My Account profile.
  • Create a CitizensPay account to make payments.
    • Setting up Automatic Payment can help avoid missing a payment.
    • The payment is displayed in the Device Purchases section of the bill.
  • When an additional payment is made on a device, the monthly device charge remains the same. The last payment is adjusted based on the remaining balance.

Note: Financing with Citizen's Pay is a Line of Credit and not a credit card.

Contacting Citizens Pay

Citizens Pay is available to discuss your device payment plan using the following contact information.

Citizens Pay Credit Check Information

Potential down payment may be required during the order entry process.

  • Each device may require a down payment and is determined by an external credit check.
    • A soft credit check is completed during the pre-approval process.
    • A hard credit check is completed during the device payment plan loan application.
  • You'll receive a credit rating from Citizens Pay that determines the required percentage that must be paid as a down payment. This can range from 0% to 60%.

Down Payment and Financing Information

The following information is an overview of the down payment and financing through Citizens Pay.

  • Down payment may be required if there is an insufficient line of credit remaining that prevents the option to finance a device.
  • The down payment can be paid online using a credit or debit card, or by cash in a Cox store.
  • Any remaining balance can be paid off on the CitizensPay app. Cox cannot apply a payment for a financed device.

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